By deconstructing/reinterpreting Maison Special’s brand concept of “SPECIAL IS YOUR STANDARD”, the interior concept of the space was created to question the ordinary daily life that we take for granted, to turn the ordinary and the extraordinary upside down, and to allow us to see the extraordinary (SPECIAL) in the ordinary daily life (STANDARD).

Our challenge is these three.

1. The world of “TEREKO”

“TEREKO” means alternated/swapped/the other way around, originated in the Kansai region of Japan and often heard in the interior design industry.We questioning what is STANDARD in daily life by making the relationship of the other way around, such as, the exterior wall finish applied to internal walls, reproduction furniture reupholstered in leather by craftsmen who used to work for a world-famous manufacturer.

2. Ambiguous walls apart from the structural walls

It looks like a room or a passage and can be seen as a large space.The fact that it is not possible to see the whole space at once gives it a sense of depth.As you walk, you can feel the presence of the next space step by step.We are conscious of the fact that people and objects do not remain in the space but come and go, and that the space and the people and objects themselves are transformed.

3. Embodying a creation that evolves with the times and the social context

A collection of materials that would otherwise be discarded, separated from their original purpose and function, and reconstructed as elements of interior design.Each piece has its own story and is given a new role to shine.Stone scraps that are regularly thrown away by stonemason in Gifu turned into fixtures.Building materials used in 1957 from the demolition site by carpenter in Toyama turned into fixtures.Wood thinned to protect the forest by lumberyard in Saitama, turned into an art piece.Samples from various tile manufacturers and sample tiles accumulated in design offices turned into flooring materials and table tops.This idea and activity has become our foundation and will continue with the help of the community and society.

メゾンスペシャルのブランドコンセプトである「SPECIAL を、STANDARD に」を分解(または再解釈)し、当たり前に過ごしている日常に疑問を投げかけ 日常と非日常をひっくり返し、日常(STANDARD)の中にある非日常(SPECIAL)を覗かせることをインテリアコンセプトに空間を構築した。









Photo by Kenta Hasegawa